Queue (queue) wrote,

Basic Freelance Writing

I got my first emails for my freelance writing class yesterday. The class is conducted entirely over an email list (the instructor is in California). Our first assignment is just to introduce ourselves. Then, we are going to submit an article idea, then we're going to research some places that might buy it. Writing an article isn't a requirement of the class, but the instructor says that it's very doable and that people have made their first sale with articles written for her class.

There's a recommended reading list for the class. The first thing is getting a copy of Writer's Market. Being lazy, I opted for the online version, which is more up-to-date and also only $2.99 per month. I may spend some time in some bookstores soon and look for some of the other books.

I should probably send out my introduction email to the list.

The mango side dish was a success last night, and it successfully used up all of the mangoes.
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