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Well, hrafn just did up some rough figures for both of our finances. It looks like I was right when I said before that I could just barely afford to live if I didn't go out to eat or spend extra money at all. So, it looks like I'm going to either need to get a roommate or find some more income. I really would rather not have to find a roommate, but I guess that would be the easiest thing in some ways. So, two questions for people.

1) Does anyone know of anyone looking for an apartment to share? I don't know yet how much I'd charge, but probably something in the neighborhood of $500-$600 per month plus utilities.

2) Does anyone have any leads on part-time freelance editing positions? I have plenty of opportunities to do stuff for free. The trick seems to be finding something that pays. I'm going to start doing some heavier searching myself, and maybe even consider advertising that I'm available for editing jobs, but any leads people have would be appreciated.

I also have some computer skills, but I'm not even going to hope that I could find some sort of part-time freelance programming position, with all of the unemployed people who are much more qualified than I am.
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