Queue (queue) wrote,

Day of Carcassone

I did most of my laundry yesterday, and I even managed to put it all away last night before going to bed. Oh, and I vacuumed my room this morning, so I'm doing pretty well on the upkeep.

theora came over, and I taught her Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers. Then we went to a gaming even where we played two more games of Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers. Then we came back to my house and played two more games of it. Very fun game, and I think I like it better than the original Carcassonne. And, I just have to say, that theora won the last game, despite my getting the "ubermeadow".

I had started rewriting my Jotto code yesterday, but I didn't get very far, since I had places to go. I think I might continue some of that today. For right now, I'm just going through the comments I got from someone and making those changes. After that, I'm going to look at it again and see if there's anywhere else that I want to make changes. Then, based on the things I learn from those changes, I think I'm going to rewrite my other Jotto stuff, like the Jotto puzzle finder and such.

I should also spend some time today in my room, sorting through all the miscellaneous crap I have on my bookshelves and in my closet. An easy thing I can do is hang up the pictures I got for Christmas.
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