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So it turns out that it was a procedural error on their part. It looks like they're doing just fine with most of the Chapter 1 files. Still a couple of problems, but, again, those appear to be procedural errors on their part. I got a call indicating that the Chapter 3 problem files were being worked on, so we'll see when that happens. For some reason, I've been thinking that I'll come in tomorrow to do this stuff. But, really, it's Friday. (*checks date on machine to make sure*) So, I guess I don't have to think about any of this until Monday, which is nice. I managed to dragg out the work I had left until now. There is a small proofreading job on my supervisor's desk that I can pick up if i have time, so I guess I have time now. I can get started in the little bit I have before I leave, and then I can finish it up Monday morning. I might really be out of stuff to do Monday morning, since the next chapter to proofread hasn't come up yet (which means it probably won't until Monday mid-morning at least), and who knows about the comments from the vendor on Chapter 7. So, yeah, we'll see.
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