Queue (queue) wrote,

Last night

Had dinner with hrafn and zzbottom at home. I opened the door when zzbottom arrived, since hrafn was making dinner. When I got the door, he said "I usually get a kiss when I show up", since usually I'm not around and hrafn opens the door. hrafn had come into the living room at that point, so I gave zzbottom a kiss. I didn't see the full look on hrafn's face, but judging by zzbottom's reaction, it was a pretty funny look.

I showed off my camera, took a couple of pictures. One really cool one of zzbottom wearing the bird mask that hrafn made for Arisia. Also took some of the game. We played the new Carcassonne, Hunters & Gatherers. I like the game a lot, possibly more than Carcassonne, but I'm not sure. It's certainly different, for all of the similarities. The main differences:
  • Incomplete forests (cities) don't score at the end of the game.
  • Incomplete rivers (roads) don't score at the end of the game.
  • Meadows (farms) score for the animals in them (certain tiles have animals on them), not for supplying completed forests (cities).

I cleaned my room a little bit. I put away the clothes that were in the laundry bag, put some dirty clothes in the laundry bag, and put the laundry bag on its stand. I also picked up some trash (not much) and put all of my DVDs and video tapes up on my shelf. I'm not sure what I'm doing tonight, but I would like to do at least a little bit more cleaning.

Oh, when I was up in my room, I tried the video out for the camera. Since the TV itself doesn't have video-in stuff other than the coaxial cable, I have a little converter thing that I use for the DVD player, so I just plugged the camera into that thing, and I was able to review pictures and see what was on the viewfinder. And, thanks to zzbottom, I have the idea of being able to plug the camera directly into the VCR and have the VCR record what the camera sees in its viewfinder, not having to record it onto the camera itself. Seeing as the VCR is in my bedroom, that brings up some interesting pssibilities.

Still slowly making my way through Mastering Regular Expressions, and still enjoying it. I really feel like I'm understanding what's being presented. He has little quizzes, just a question here and there, sometimes a bit harder than what's being presented, sometimes a little tricky, and the answer is on the next page. I am enjoying figuring those out, and I find that I usually do (I think I was fooled by one early on). Just getting a hint so far of some things I can do to improve efficiency, and there will be more to come. I'm really looking forward to going back to the Jotto stuff and optimizing the regular expressions there. I think that will make some of my utilities a lot faster, and it might even lure me back to working on an AI, since testing the AI will be faster, as will the running of the AI itself.
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