Queue (queue) wrote,


I was hanging out with magid, or some magid-like dream construct. I forget where we were, some sort of hotel or arcade or something. At some point, her father shows up, although, thinking back, he was sort of like my father, too. There was some kind of argument, something with him squeezing toothpaste out of the tube onto me, so me grabbing the tube and doing it to him, and a struggle for the toothpaste (it didn't act quite like toothpaste, being a bit fluffier, but I'm pretty sure that's what it was supposed to be). He got mad, and I ran away. I was hiding out in some garden, knowing that he was looking for me. I saw the dream construct, who, at this point, had turned into hrafn. I went and hid behind a pile of bark dust or something, not wanting her to see me, in case she told her father where I was. However, I couldn't get hidden well enough or quickly enough, and she saw me. It was okay, though, since she indicated that she wouldn't tell her father. I saw him coming out, in some sort of Renaissance period costume, and I took off. Various running around and hiding bits that I don't really remember. Then I got to some court, where there was a queen. theora was in the service of this queen. I wanted to ask theora to marry me, but, since she was in the queen's service, I had to ask the queen first. The only problem was that I was still married to hrafn, and neither the queen nor theora knew this. I saw theora leaving just as I was entering the queen's room, so I had to wait for her to come back. I let the queen know that I had something I wanted to say, but I had to wait until theora got back. At this point, I'm not sure if the dream continued, or if it ended and I was just thinking about it in a semi-waking state. Anyway, vague notions of theora coming back and being really upset. Me trying to explain how I was in the process of getting divorced, but hrafn's father was putting up obstacles, making the process drag out much more than was necessary.
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