Queue (queue) wrote,


I like proofreading, but it sure highlights my tiredness. Got all the file stuff done for the first three chapters (1, 3, and 5), minus a few problem files, which I ahve let the appropriate people know about. I hope that those problems get fixed soon, and then I should be able to get all three chapters off of my desk!

Working on proofreading the fourth chapter (7) now. I think I should be getting the fifth chapter pretty soon. I don't think I've heard that the files for the fourth chapter are ready yet, since this is the first time that they are supposedly checking the files in InCopy before they send them to us. I'll have to check my email, though.

Can't wait to go home and maybe get a nap in. Of course, i have stuff to do, so I'll probably just try to get to bed early. I just got a call from my supervisor, though, and the co-worker and I are meeting with her at 2:30, which means I won't be getting out of here by 2:45 like I was originally thinking I might. Meetings would be a lot shorter if the co-worker weren't there. I try to end the meetings when they're over by starting to stand up. It's not quite at the point where I can actually get up and leave, because people are still wrapping up what they want to say in an inefficient manner. But my standing up seems to hasten them wrapping it up. More social experimentation soon.
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