Queue (queue) wrote,

Nice day

I can think of at least five things that made my day nice yesterday. A good day, I think.

I went to the Diesel after work and played pool with zzbottom. I made some really nice shots, including some shots that I'd never even attempted before. Some day soon I might be ready to switch from nine ball back to eight ball. But, really, I love nine ball as a game.

Sat and watched magid eat sushi and a somewhat frozen seaweed salad. Nice chatting.

Went off to my massage with surrealestate, which was really nice. I feel a lot better today which is good. (And no, the massage was not "too nice".)

Headed over to a gaming thing, but I didn't actually play any games. Visited for a little bit, and then theora was nice enough to come pick me up and take me home. She smelled of the beef stew she had just eaten, which was a very nice smell. I had talked to hrafn on the phone earlier and found out that my camera had arrived. So, I lured theora into the house with the promise of showing off the camera. I took one picture and about ten seconds of video. Reading through the manual, it turns out that the dock you can get to easily transfer pictures also acts as a battery recharger for their little battery pack. I'm not sure what exactly I'll do about batteries, so I might have to get something rechargeable. When i looked at the battery last night, I thought it was rechargeable for some reason, but looking at it now, it's obviously not.

I read through the user manual on the T ride in this morning. It's got all sorts of features to make it easy to use, like automatic tagging of pictures to be printed, to be marked as favorites, or to be emailed to particular people. I don't think I'll use any of those, though, since I just prefer to download the pictures and do my own thing with them. The camera also has variable shutter speed and video out, and I think I'll use both of those.

The cost of parking at Wellington went up from $2.50 to $3, so hrafn decided that we should start taking the bus, unless we know we're both going to be going in and coming home at the same time, since paying for parking and paying for the bus for one of us doesn't make much sense. And, really, the bus isn't much of a pain, and it also lets me go in when I want instead of waiting for hrafn. So, i think I will go ahead and order a combo (bus and subway) pass for next month, since I haven't ordered my February pass yet. They have a T pass program here at work, which I am now eligible for. However, they take stuff out on the 17th of January for a March T pass, so I would only be able to use it five months, and there is no discount or anything, so I might as well just keep ordering them online. I just hope the Post Office doesn't lose another one.

I need to take my benefit forms to HR. I was toying with the idea of not getting dental coverage, but I found out at the benefits orientation yesterday that you have to get all of medical, dental, and vision coverage, or none of it. Since I definitely don't want to be without medical coverage (but, really, I haven't really needed it), I guess I'll live with the dental coverage. Heck, I might even go in for a checkup. The last time I did that was 1993, I think. Or possibly 1994. And I should probably go in for an eye exam some time before I leave this job.

The other benefit that I could take advantage of is the 401k. I can start contributing to it once I have been here 6 months, which will be at the beginning of March. However, the company doesn't start matching contributions until I've been here a year, which isn't going to happen, since my contract is up at the end of July. Yeah, I could probably keep working here, but I think I'll be ready for something else by then. But who knows.

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