Queue (queue) wrote,

Daily heart rate jump

So, I'm driving down 128 to get to work this morning. For those unfamiliar with it, just after Rt. 9, 128 changes from 4 lanes to 3. However, during rush hour times (including the time I was driving there), the breakdown lane is open for use. Traffic was going slow in the right lane, so I sped up to get into the breakdown lane (sped up to like 50). I will frequently get in the breakdown lane for that stretch, since my exit is the next one.

Well, as soon as I get over, I see someone actually using the breakdown lane as a breakdown lane, changing his tire. Maybe 100 ft. in front of me. And I've already sped up. So I break hard and get back over into the right lane. That got the ol' blood circulating. I guess it's a good thing that I have good reflexes.

On another note, it seems I'm lsoing weight, which, in my case, isn't such a good thing. I noticed my already large pants (bought when none of my other jeans would fit me when I gained a bunch of weight right after getting out of college) seemed a bit looser, so I got on the scale, which I don't do often. I am usually around 167 or so, and, with a T-shirt and my jeans on, I was 161. It probably means I'm not eating like I should. I mean, I eat, but I do go long periods of time without eating, and then eat more at once, and I eat foods that aren't particularly good for me. It's really hard to eat what I should be eating when 1) people around me aren't going to be eating the things I should be eating (or, more to the point, they'll be eating things I shouldn't be eating, which is a lot of things) and 2) I really like a lot of the foods that I shouldn't be eating. Simpsons' quote comes to mind. "Why couldn't you use a non-delicious fat. (crying) Oh, who am I kidding, there's no such thing."

And since this is turning into a general update, I got the work I finished the past couple days put back on my chair last night by my supervisor, who doesn't work on Fridays. One was a new one-page feature, which got a comment of "Nice!" at the top, which doesn't always happen, and it had very few comments on it. The other was a revision to a lesson, which also had very few comments on it, and it said "Very nice job!" at the top. So, it's cool to see good comments, especially when I've put in what I consider good effort and turned out what I consider a good product. I go back and forth about this job. There are some aspects of it that I really like, but there are also some aspects that I don't like. There are also just some days that I don't feel like working, but I think those will happen anywhere. But I do think that I should be able to find a job that has the same aspects of this job that I like but not the ones that I don't. I still haven't heard back from the New Genre (horror/sci-fi magazine that I was going to do some non-paid editing work for) people, and I'm kinda bummed about that, even though I know they are really busy and will probably get back to me at some point. I think I would really like to work on something similar to that as a job. Unfortunately, most of those things aren't very profitable, so it'll probably be really difficult to find a decent-paying job there. Sometimes I just want to find a really cheap place to live and cut way down on expenses so that I can afford to take a job I'd like regardless of pay. But then I think about wanting to own a house (or at least a condo), some place that's my own, that I can do whatever I want with. I think I'd really like that kind of security and stability. Unfortunately, it also means a commitment to steady payments. So, anyway. Time to get to work, which should be pretty good, other than having to fill out my self-evaluation, which I guess won't be too bad. This has gotten pretty long, so I should probably go back to the top and cut it.

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