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I had been using a Eudoramail account to send all of my Compendium stuff to. At the beginning of December, when I was starting to send stuff to that account for Issue 6, it Eudoramail decided to not work. I would send mail and then get back messages a few days later saying it couldn't send the message. It's been flaky in the past, but never for as long as it was in the beginning of December. So, I ended up just sending stuff to myself at my regular email address. I created a filter and a folder to automatically put those messages in that folder, so I wouldn't have to touch them until the end of the month.

I just logged onto Eudoramail, and they've got a new user interface. I wonder if it's accompanied by a new level of workingness. I sent a test email, and it got there right away, but I'm not sure I want to trust it. The nice thing, though, is that it has folders for the first five issues, with all of the emails I sent for those. If I don't start using Eudoramail again, I should probably get all of those and put them on my regular email acocunt. the thing about that is that I can't make sub-folders with the IMAP thingy, so I'm stuck either making a new folder at the root level every issue, or living with having them all be in the same folder, which probably isn't all that bad considering they're sorted by issue when they're sorted by date.

Of course, this brings up the question (and, no, it does not beg the question) of when I will ever need these emails. All of the information in them is in the Compendium. But I would hate to trash them and later find a use for them.

Getting them off of Eudoramail would be a nice opportunity to write some Perl stuff to automatically download all of them. I was recently thinking about doing something for Yahoo! Mail, since someone is at her storage limit but doesn't want to individually forward each message to herself. So, if I can figure it out for one, I should be able to figure it out for the other. I suppose I'll need to look into cookies and all of that. I really need some time off to work on projects. Hey, this mail project could be another article. I saw a Perl module for interfacing with Hotmail on CPAN, but there was no link to it, so I think it might be gone or something. Not sure what exactly that means if it's listed but not really there.
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