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Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that theora took me out to dinner in celebration of my first publication. After learning of a 20-25 minute wait at Bertucci's, we ended up going to San Vicente, an El Salvadoran restaurant near my house. I had chilaquiles and mango juice (well, really a mango agua - mango juice, water, mango purée, sugar, and ice), and theora had flautas and tamarind juice. Very good, but I think my stomach was messed up from food it was not used to at the brunch earlier, so I didn't end up eating much. Leftovers are a good thing, though.

And the brunch was very nice. Lots of people, but it was still okay. Ate some food, played some games, chatted with people. It was a bit more free-form than I was expecting. Last year, when there were only seven or eight people, it was mostly just presents, and then some games. This year, it was mostly just brunch, and presents ended up being done whenever. I was waiting for a while for "present time" to happen, and it never did, so I just had to give my presents when I could. I suppose having an official time for presents might be a little awkward with so many people and so many people not giving gifts to other people. Anyway, a good time.

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