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So, the latest edition of The Perl Review came out yesterday. I found out because I got an email from someone in Germany telling me about a possible security hole in one of the the programs (I fixed it in my version, and it will be fixed in the versio online). But, the person did say that he enjoyed the game. I've had one other person contact me about it, and that was because of a posting on use.perl.org, which I hadn't known about. That person offered to contribute tot he Jotto module, since he'd done some jotto stuff as well. He posted his scoring algorithm, which is much shorter than mine. I'm curious to know what the differences in speed are since, if I ever go back to Jotto AI programming, small differences in the speed of the scoring algorithm will make a big difference.

I don't feel like I can do any programming, however, until I do some cleaning. My room is a pit, and I have many dirty dishes to take care of. Dishes are top priority, but I just don't know when I'm going to have time to do them. I suppose I should probably just stay home Tuesday instead of going out and having fun. Blah. I wish I could do it tonight, but Monday night role playing is something that involves other people, not just me. I suppose I could go home before role playing tonight. I had been planning on just going straight there. However, I can go home whenever I want, since hrafn has her office holiday party today and is going straight from there to role playing. I suppose I could just leave here at 3:00, which would give me a decent amount of time at home. Alone time at home, at that. I should be able to get the kitchen all taken care of and a good start on my room. Hmm, that sounds like a plan.

I'm still pretty sore from sledding. Yes, theora, my "butt bone" is still a bit sore. And my neck is sore. And the whole left side of my body is a bit sore. i took some Aleve this morning. I'm going to redeem my present from surrealestate on Wednesday: an hour of massage. I'm really looking forward to that. Hmm, if I go home early enough today, I could have time for a bit of a bath after cleaning and before role playing.

Started on the second Blackadder series yesterday. Very fun. Rowan Atkinson looks very different with curly hair and a beard.
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