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January 4th, 2003
10:31 pm


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Sledding day
Went sledding with theora today, using the sled I got her for Christmas. The last time I can remember going sledding was in third grade, I think, and I ran into a tree or a stump or something. We go to the hill, and it's a big fucking hill. With a big bump at the bottom. theora takes the first run. She wipes out a little at the bump, but she does fine. I want to avoid the bump, so I go over to another part of the hill. theora had pointed out some sort of bad patch or something, but I figured I could avoid that. I go down. On the way down, I realize that I was mistaken. That wasn't what she was warning me about. This was. This big hole, maybe two feet in diameter, something like eight to twelve inches deep. I bump down on it, hard, hurting my tailbone. I continue downhill, but mostly not on the sled. My neck is sore from the impact as well.

We decide to go to a wussy hill across the street. We do that for a while, but then theora wants to go back to the big hill. So we go back. She rides; I watch. Finally, when she's done, I take a couple of runs. One run down a smaller hill, one run down a somewhat larger hill. A final run down a bit larger hill, this one with bumps and a ridge. I hurt my tailbone again on that one, but not so bad, mostly just aggravating my previous injury.

After a bath and some Black Adder, my tail bone and neck are still sore. I think I'll go sledding again, but I'll definitely be a bit more choosy about the hill.

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Date:January 5th, 2003 08:54 am (UTC)
As a point of corrrrectitude (trilling the r as best I can), "Blackadder" should be one word.

How's the butt bone?
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