Queue (queue) wrote,

Work stuff

So, it looks like, to fix the problems, we're going to be pulling the files off of the server to work on them, which really defeats the whole point of using this stupid plugin for InDesign and InCopy so that the files can be worked on at the same time by both Production and Editorial. So, whatever. It looks like it's fixed now, so we'll see how it goes starting on Monday when I do my first full chapter with the new system.

And, after being told at 2:00 that we could go home any time we wanted, my ride's work didn't get out early (even though they put in a call to the dean's office . . . they just never heard back), so I got to sit here after a lot of the office had already left. Of course, it was good to get the stuff figured out, and that woudn't have happened until probably Tuesday, since there were several rounds of back and forth with the head Production guy, and he works from home on Mondays.

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