Queue (queue) wrote,

New Year's Day

Got home from New Year's Eve party and watched an episode of Star Trek on DVD. Got to sleep around 3. Woke up around 8 and watched the South Park movie. Slept again until about noon. Put together the Compendium. Went to a party. Taught Zendo. Played (and won) mu. Played Rage, a variant of Oh Hell with special cards. Tasted some wasabi mayonnaise. Came home and was in bed fairly soon after. Talked on the phone, went to sleep around 10:30.

My shoulder that started hurting spontaneously Monday morning is still hurting. It's not always hurting a lot, but I think it's been there pretty constantly. I really wish I knew how to take better care of my shoulders/back. I think if I paid more attention to it during the day and found some way of comfortably sleeping at night that didn't strain it, I would be doing okay. And, really, I probably should look into seeing a massage theerapist, but I'm too lazy and cheap.
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