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January 2nd, 2003
08:58 am


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I had several interconnecting dreams last night. In one of them, another person and I both got comissions to do up a comic, something that would appear both on paper and in electronic format, using XML (ComicsML, I assumed). I had never done a comic before, so I went to some kids' bedroom in the house I was staying at and found some comics to get a rough idea of something to do. Oh yeah, and I asked the guy who gave me the comission how long it should be. He said that it should be long enough that you couldn't just breeze through it quickly, but not too long. I asked if ten to twelve pages would be good, and he said yes. So, anyway, in the kids' room, I found one comic that was some sort of anime style thing, very quickly flipped through it. I found another one, shorter, but this one I actually read. The art wasn't very complex, just a bunch of plants. There were these plants, weed-type things, brownigh stalks tied together or something. They were able to move around, but I don't think they really had faces. Some were light brow, and some were dark brown, almost black. A circle of these things got together, mostly the light ones, but there were a few dark ones. The dark ones somehow managed to completely destroy the whole circle, including themselves. It wasn't necessarily anything they did; the whole circle just sort of started disintegrating, but it was clear that the dark plants were the cause of it. Then there was this one lone plant that was approaching where the circle had been. The narrator started speculating about what would happen if there were some kind of group consciousness among the plants. Then, the lone plant would know that the dark plants were to be avoided. Then the narrator speculated about what would happen if this group mind somehow evolved, spread over the whole planet. It would become man. There was a lot more impact, and it was done really well, or at least that was my impression of it. It sounds a bit more stupid with me saying it, but I still remember the impression I had of it when I was dreaming, and it was really cool. I am tempted to play with that idea, to try to make a comic out of somethign based on that, but I fear that I picked that idea up from somewhere else, so that, once I did it, someone would say, "Oh, that's just like such-and-such comic, only worse." Anyway.

Other snippets, but that's the one I remember most. One where I was with someone who was afraid of airplanes, not wanting to go up in a jet. We were on an Air Force base, and I led her onto the runway to get into a jet, so that she oculd do it and become a full member of the Air Force or something. But then she reminded me that she had been kicked out of ROTC because she wouldn't go up in a jet, and that was required to graduate from ROTC. There were some cops ont he runway, and they started moving their car when we walked by (I heard it behind us but didn't see it). I was worried that they would come after us, that we weren't supposed to be out on the runway, but they went somewhere else.

Another related thing. I was with my uncle, who just recently retired form the Air Force (he's my mom's sister's husband). In the dream, he was still in the Air Force. I went out with him on his "rocket" duty. We were at some kind of machine, a tall, narrow thing with a couple of moving parts. When a plane passed overhead, he moved to arms, and that was it. I was expecting some kind of big explosion thing, but didn't see any. I asked him what the difference was between a rocket and a missle. I forget if he answered or not.

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Date:January 2nd, 2003 06:43 am (UTC)

dream logic

I totally understand what you mean about the profound feelings that certain ideas and images can produce in dreams, only to turn out later when you wake up to seem really kinda silly or stupid. That happens to me all the time in my dreams. Also frequently have situations occur in my dreams where I or the character in my dream is reacting to something that I or the character can't possibly know about or see, but yet the dream explains the character's actions based on those unseeable events. It seems perfectly logical in the dream, but after I wake up and start thinking about it, it all starts to break down. The same thing happens to me when I watch TV or movies though (the plot or profound points collapse after I think about them for a minute). Maybe the same people who are writing for TV/Movies are doing the programing for our dreams?
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Date:January 2nd, 2003 07:15 am (UTC)

Re: dream logic

I wonder if the reason the neat dream ideas seem lame when you wake up is because your waking mind doesn't understand what the other part of you was saying when you were asleep. You know, all that subconscious symbolism shtuff that the awake you doesn't get.
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Date:January 2nd, 2003 07:09 am (UTC)
HEY! Those dark plants sound a lot like Christians to me. Eeeek!

I had a dream the other night, which woke me up, that I was struck by lightning. When I woke up I was was so scared that I jumped out of bed, and to top it all off, I actually felt like I'd been shocked. I wonder if I stuck my finger in the outlet beside my bed while I slept. The strange thing is that it hadn't been a bad dream until I suddenly got struck.

Sorry, that was about MY dream, not your dream. How selfish is that?
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Date:January 2nd, 2003 07:14 am (UTC)
Sorry, that was about MY dream, not your dream. How selfish is that?

Isn't that what comments are for? :-)

Seriously, I find something someone says in a journal entry strikes a chord with me, with something in my experiences, so I feel compelled to comment on that, to share my experience, even though it might not directly relate to what the person was talking about.

Maybe it was just static electricity.
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