Queue (queue) wrote,

This morning

Went to bed a little after 9 after watching one of the South Park DVD's my mom got me for Christmas. Woke up around 4:40 or so. Got out of bed some time after 5, managed to get out the door a few minutes before 6. The bus came not too long after that, so, with stopping at Burger King for breakfast and finding that one of the entrances to work was blocked off, I still got in to work at 6:50.

I had sent an email just before leaving work yesterday about some files that were screwed up that were supposed ot have been fixed, but I have no email about it waiting for me. I still have some stuff I can do, so we'll see if any other files turn out to be screwed up. I had hoped to have Chapter 1 completely off my desk yesterday, but it doesn't look like that will even happend today unless they miraculously fix the files. I have various parts of Chapters 1, 3, 5, and 7 on my desk, and I have yet to even get one of them off of my desk. I'm betting that I'll get Chapter 9 on my desk before Chapter 1 leaves.

So, yay me, I ate breakfast, and I brought dinner leftovers for lunch, so I'm actually going to eat relatively well today. And then homemade pizza for dinner tonight. Yum. Reviving a New Year's Eve tradition of my family. We made pizzas every New Year's Eve, and I believe that was the only time of year we ever made our own pizzas, so it was a real treat. I'm looking forward to it. My mom reminds me that the rest of the tradition is to bang pots and pans outside at midnight, but I'm not sure I'll be continuing that tradition.
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