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Security at my work

Leaving the hotel this morning, I realized that I had forgotten to bring my badge for work with me. I decided to just go in anyway and get a tmeporary building pass or whatever. There are two banks of elevators. You have to go past a security guard to get to the first one, and they make you show your badge. This is the elevator for floors 8 and higher, which is where I am. To get to the second set of elevators, you have to go by the first set, but that is also the direction of the desk where you need to checj in if you are visiting the building. It is also where I would need to check in to get a temporary pass.

The guard at the first set of elevators, though, will assume that you're checking in at the desk if you don't show him your badge. He can't see the desk, though. And, if you just go to the second set of elevators (floors 3-7), acting like you belong, the desk guard isn't going to ask to see a badge. I had observed this before, so I decided to put it into practice today. And, of course, it worked. The only thing was getting into the floor, which is locked. I just knocked on the door, and someone let me in. It happened to be someone I know, but I'm sure someone I didn't know would let me in, since there are a lot of different departments on this floor, and there are frequently people who don't have badges, since things are a bit screwy with temps and people just starting work. Well, maybe not frequently, but often enough that people would think nothing of letting someone in they didn't recognize.

So, yes, I made it in to work. I suppose I'll write up stuff about the weekend, but that's going to wait until I get some more work done (yes, I actually did some work before even checking LiveJournal). Maybe I'll use posting about the weekend as a reward for getting my work done today.
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