Queue (queue) wrote,

Rant x 2

Small rant: stupid post office delivery guy doesn't fill out the little redelivery notification form correctly saying when I can pick up the package, so I wasted a trip to the post office today. I guess I'll have to go get it tomorrow.

Bigger rant: Stupid AT&T Broadband Internet raising rates except if you subscribe to TV service as well. So, they're giving less stuff but charging you more. Yes, that's right, $60.99 for internet if you don't have cable, and $54.01 for internet and basic cable (of course, that's just the average price, since basic cable could be as high as $14.95). I'm going to see if RCN is in my area. This might even be enough for me to get Verizon DSL instead of AT&T Broadband. Fucking AT&T.

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