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Twice as long to get in to work today. Plus I'm working extra hours today in order to take off early tomorrow to help my sister move. Although maybe I can help them move for a little bit and then come back into work for a little while. We'll see how much extra time I feel like doing today. And there's also Friday.

Of course, the work I'm doing today is less than thrilling. I had thought this chapter was gone from my desk. But, there was an author conference over the weekend, and the vendors hadn't gotten to the files I sent out yet, so it was decided that I would take the chapter back and make some fairly major changes to one lesson. After I do that, the lesson will be one page longer, which is a bad thing, since the chapter as a whole has to have an even number of pages. So I get to try to find a place to add another page to the chapter. Well, it will probably be my boss, not I, who decides where that page is going to go. It will most likely mean adding in some more stuff to one of the lessons, which will mean shuffling around stuff in the lesson to make the pages break in good places. Blah. I don't mind the work; I just don't like having something come back to me when I thought it was gone for a while. And I'm disappointed by the lack of foresight of the people whose job it is to plan this project. Yes, we do have one fewer stage of edit for this project, since our schedule has been tightened, but you'd think they could have foreseen that they'd want to run everything by the authors at an earlier stage, then. I mean, come on, how many years have they been doing this?

I guess I can't complain too loudly, since, unlike many people I know, I actually have a job, and it (with Kit's job) pays enough for me to live fairly comfortably. Of course, with Kit potentially going back to school in the fall, I think the days of living as comfortably as we are will be gone, but that's another worry for another entry, once we know for sure if she's going to school, if it's going to cost us anything, what our living situation is going to be, and what my job situation is going to be.
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