Queue (queue) wrote,


Had a bowl of Grape-Nuts just before going to sleep last night.

Bad idea.

Acidic stomach this morning. Did the baking soda and water thing, which helped one time before when I had a massive acid reflux attack, and it helped for a bit this morning and then it came back. Luckily, it's not all that severe. Still, it's annoying, and I think I'm hungry but food isn't appealing right now.

I have had to eat today: one (1) cookie, brought in by a cow-orker. That wasn't too bad going down. What I really want are saltines, but I didn't bring any with. Hmm, I wonder if a cow-orker has saltines. I know she has some sort of crakcers. Let's see if she reads this before I manage to walk over there.
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