Queue (queue) wrote,

Horizontal Christmas

Yes, the snow was horizontal when I saw guests off. I think it must have only recently started snowing, since there wasn't much accumulation yet. hrafn made some yummy salmon, and we all ate that, then played a little Boggle, then watched Brazil (the first time for magid, then played Oranges to Oranges (Apples to Apples with noun and adjective cards reversed). A nice afternoon. Oh, and there was present exchange. I am slowly amassing a decent DVD collection, which is nice.

I think hrafn and I are going to do something about food and then watch 12 Monkeys. Maybe I'll just go to bed after that. Or maybe start working on the next Compendium, since that's due out in a week. Probably work more on some of my other Web pages. I'd like to make my Boggle page slightly more useful. And I was thinking about maybe writing up something about the pink Darth Vader cake that I made for cthulhia's birthday this year. I'm not sure how much I could write about it, but I think it would make an interesting short piece, and it would be a good first attempt at food writing.

I wish I had more time off than just a day. Seriously, someone needs to remind me that I want to take August off next year. I really would like to be able to work from home. I hope that this freelance writing class I signed up for is going to give me a nice kick in the butt in that direction. And seeing my Jotto article published will be good. I had heard that I was going to get proof for the article last week, but that didn't end up happening. I still have faith that it's going to come out in the January issue, so we'll see.

Is tomorrow Thursday already? My mom will be here to pick up the Saturn. I need to remember to dig out the title and sign it over to her.
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