Queue (queue) wrote,

Story Reading, January 22, 7-10 PM

I'm planning on hosting another story reading at my house on Wednesday, January 22, 7-10 PM. As before, I think I'm only going to announce this here. Please feel free to extend this invitation to anyone you know who might like to come but might not see this. Email me for directions if you've never been to my house. RSVP would be nice but is not required. Feel free to bring food, but it is certainly not required.

At the last one, people read stories and some essays. You are welcome to bring anything you'd like to read, but try to keep it under half an hour. If there are a lot of people there, I may ask people to read shorter things. I recently got a poetry book filled with poetry selected for being good to read aloud and share, so I will be reading some poetry. In April, I may have a story reading just for poetry, to celebrate National Poetry Month.

If there is some type of thing you'd particularly like to hear, feel free to let me know, so that people who are having a hard time deciding on something to read can use that as a guide if they wish.

It is acceptable to show up just to listen and not read. Two people did that last time, and it was just fine.

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