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Saw Two Towers Friday night, and I enjoyed it. I think I'm going to have to reread the series soonish. I read The Hobbit for school in the sixth grade, and I finished the rest of the series some time during the following summer. I may have reread The Hobbit since then, but I may only have started to reread it. I also want to read the second Harry Potter book, since reading the first one after seeing the first movie was a pleasant experience.

Made the mashed banana sweet potato thing on Saturday and brought it to the party. It was a nice party, filled with people I either knew or had met at least once, for the most part. Food was had (including some really good chili), games were played (one game of Cities and Knights, one game of Boggle), and chat was had. I kind of felt like a mutant playing Boggle, since I do so much better than any casual players. I still had fun, but I just always feel a little uncomfortable and embarrassed when I play with people I haven't played with before and they have strong reactions to how many words I write down. I verbalized that thought for the first time Saturday night, though, so that was good. I like learning stuff about myself.

Did some programming Sunday morning, then did gift exchange with theora. I think cthulhia will be shocked and amazed to see me in a new sweater at work. Now there are three for the rotation. The sled I gave as a gift looks like it might actually be able to be used this week, since the forecast is for a white Christmas. (Heh, I started to capitalize "white" in the previous sentence. In the books I'm reading, chaos and order magic are represented by the colors white and black, and they are capitalized in the book when they refer to practitioners of the magic, or to the magic itself: a White mage, the White highway, etc.)

Went in to town in the afternoon. We ate at Uno's and then did some shopping at Barnes & Noble. I picked up the last book of the series I'm on, as well as a couple more gifts for friends. I was browing a book called The Gospel according to The Simpsons, and I decided to buy it. Yes, I bought a book about religion. It was interesting, and I want to try to read more non-fiction, so what the hell. The foreword (four words) is entertaining so far. The person writing the foreword is an evangelical Christian, so I imagine the author is as well. The person writing the foreword talks about how no number of good deeds will save you. It is only through faith in Jesus that you will be saved. I think this book is going to serve as a good reminder that there are people like that out there, isolated as I have been from them for a while.

No big plans for anything over Christmas. My biggest plans involve watching a movie or two and making some food on Christmas Day. I imagine I'll need to at least see my sister some time over the holiday, so that we can exchange gifts. Not sure if she'll call today and invite us over some time or not. We'll see. Then Friday it's off to Providence for the weekend. Three nights in a hotel, a musuem to visit, a movie to see and a restaurant to eat at. The rest of the weekend will happen as it happens. I have to work, though, so I need to get back early Monday morning. I only have Christmas Day and New Year's Day off from work, since i have no particular need to take days off that I'm going to have to make up. Having actual vacation days and personal days starting at the beginning of the year will be nice. I'll have to figure out what I want to spend my vacation days for. Maybe a nice long road trip during the spring or early summer, maybe around a three-day weekend so I can maximize my days off. We'll see.

Time to get to work, I guess. I'm finishing up consolidating comments on Chapter 3, then I get to make changes in the files. Still no word on the files that were messed up in Chapter 1, and I remain committed to waiting on that until people start bugging me about it, since I have plenty of other stuff to do.
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