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userpics - Queue — LiveJournal
December 20th, 2002
09:05 am


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So, I've got a script that finds random userpics, but it's extremely slow. First, it needs to get the random.bml page and parse that for the username, then it needs to get the allpics page for that user and parse that for the pic URL. I think what's taking so long is that the page is getting returned as one big string. If I split that string on newlines and then just parsed each line separately, I wonder if that would speed things up at all. Hmm. I need to get back to reading Mastering Regular Expressions, which I haven't touched in a while. But, of course, I'm sucked into this fantasy series. Reading fiction is such an escape for me, but I wonder if it's good. I'd feel more productive if I read some useful non-fiction. Hmm, we'll have to see . . . after this current book, of course.

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