Queue (queue) wrote,

Holiday Breakfasts

Yesterday we got an email saying that McDougal was having its Holiday Breakfast today, with "breakfast treats" available in one of the conference rooms from 8:00-9:30. I get in this morning and see that the building is hosting a Holiday Breakfast in the lobby. Bagles, muffins, coffee, juice. I grabbed a banana on my way up. I think I might grab some more soon, and then maybe grab some stuff from the McDougal breakfast. I'll probably take the banana home, since that's more portable. Hmm, I wonder if I could take enough bananas to make something with bananas in it for the party tomorrow.

And I'm getting a visit from the Lunch Fairy today. I'm not sure if it's a Holiday Lunch or not. I'll have to remember to ask.

Got shopping done for all of my relatives last night, some in Cambridge (was everybody in Harvard Square last night?), some online. Felt good to get that out of the way with, and I was happy to not just get gift certificates for people. This makes me more relaxed about picking up some gifts for friends.
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