Queue (queue) wrote,

Christmas blah

I didn't take the time to get any shopping done before going to Indiana, so I'd decided to get all of my family Amazon gift certificates. That just feels so impersonal, though, and the fact that I'd consider doing that just underscores my ambivalence about the holiday. Or maybe it's my ambivalence about my family. I don't know. I really could do without the whole compulsory yearly gift exchange thing. I mean, sometimes I like giving stuff from people, and sometimes I like getting stuff from people. But the whole thing seems forced around Christmas. I don't know why I'm feeling this way more this year than I have before. Maybe it's just the whole separation from my family and everything that Christmas used to mean growing up. I'm not seeing any family over any part of Christmas, unless my sister happens to call and wants to get together. But, really, this holiday just doesn't mean much to me. But, me being me, I'm going to feel bad if I don't get things for my family, and I'll probably feel bad if I just get them Amazon gift certificates. Which is why I'm contemplating going onto Amazon and finding stuff and ordering it today, which is when they are doing their guaranteed holiday shipping thing, where they guarantee it'll be there by Christmas Eve. Not that I know what to get people. Oh well, might as well at least start looking. Then I can get it over with this evening. I should probably do some work now. I really would like some time off, I think. If, in another six months, I get offered another contract extension, someone remind me that I really do want time off. Maybe I can take the whole month of August off next year, like I did this year. That was nice.

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