Queue (queue) wrote,


Okay, got my desk failry organized. Threw out a bunch of stuff, filed a bunch of stuff. My desk still isn't spotless, but everything is neat, and I know where stuff is. I also got the stuff taken care of that I felt incompetent about before. I know what state everything is in, so I'm just waiting on some responses to a couple of emails, and then Chapter 1 should be all straightened out. I just need to spec one piece of art, and then I can move on the Chapter 3 for now. And I just got Chapter 5, so we'll see how much I can get done on Chapter 3 today. I'll be very happy if I can manage to get Chapter 3 completely proofread today. I'll still be happy if I even get to proofreading Chapter 3, since I'm sure other stuff will come up today.
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