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Went to the thing. We got vouchers good for $20. I ended up spending $21.09 on salad, sushi, and dessert (pineapple upside down cake). I sat at a table by myself and read my book (started Book 9 last night). I talked on the phone a little bit.

I decided to leave there and come back to the office. I'm meeting hrafn at the Chinatown T at 4:40 or so, and I didn't really want to just sit around Marché reading. So, I came back here, talked with cthulhia a bit, and am now futzing around on the computer for another 15 minutes or so.

I got the stuff done today that I wanted to get done, so that was okay. Ran into a few more technical problems. I alerted the appropriate people but have yet to hear back. I think they may be connected with the new version of this piece of crap plugin that was installed when I was in Indiana. I mean, I'm sure it's better than the last version, but there appears to be a sporadic bug in it, which, really, are the best kind to have. Even with the project continuing longer, I see many more problems ahead. Oh well, we'll see.

Talked to the co-worker on the way over to Marché, and it turns out that she's only going to accept an extension of her contract for half of February, instead of the whole month. She's going to be starting DBA certification training (I hope I never have any data that gets administered by her), so she won't be able to do it past the 15th or so of February. So, only something like 8 weeks left of the co-worker.
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