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This day just keeps getting better - Queue — LiveJournal
December 17th, 2002
10:33 am


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This day just keeps getting better
The co-worker comes to my cubicle to show me some things that our supervisor wanted her to share with me. Fine, whatever. She couldn't do anything intelligent like know where all of the pages were that she wanted to show me before she came into my cubicle or anything, or even have an idea of what it was she wanted to say, but, fine, whatever. Then she tells me that she was asked to extended her contract another month, until the end of February. Apparently, things are getting pushed back more. So, an extra month of the co-worker. And it apparently doesn't mean much to have one's contract extended. I think if someone were to ask me to not go to the holiday party today (the entire production department has been told they aren't going, because of some people's deadlines. Yeah, that's great for morale. It's quite possibly the production people working on the project I'm on, which is why I'm nervous that i might be asked not to go) I would do something drastic, like just go anyway, or walk off the job or something.

I wonder what fun thing will happen next.

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