Queue (queue) wrote,


So, they "updated" my fonts. Now things look too wide, at least in Netscape. For example, the insertion cursor is behind the text as I'm typing this, resulting in me not being able to see the last character or so of the line. This is also happening on my friends page, which is annoying. Of course, I have no real work reason to complain about it, so I would feel weird saying anything to them.

"See, here on my LiveJournal page, where it doesn't look right? Can you fix that so I can properly waste time during the day?"

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them. I'm on Mac OS 10.2, and I don't have administrator access to my machine. And I need the new fonts so that apostrophes appear correctly in the documents that I work with. Blah. Maybe I'll get lucky and the fonts will look weird in my actual work stuff, too.
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