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Home again

Back from the trip. Since hrafn left her wallet at my mom's house, I got to do all of the driving myself on the way back. I could have really used a bit of a break on the drive on Sunday, but it worked. I was fine today, actually, so it didn't turn out all that bad.

The thing I went out there for was fine. It's hardly worth mentioning, except people keep asking me about it. For some reason, I keep being surprised, since I don't really care that much about it. The trip was a lot more about the drive for me. I mean, the whole reason for the trip was to go to my grandparent's 50th anniversary thing, but that was such a small part of the whole trip and, like I said, hardly worth mentioning. Ate some food. Saw some relatives I don't like and haven't seen since my wedding 7 years ago. I'm not close enough to any of my extended family, either side, to feel like telling them about the upcoming divorce.

The one good thing about the trip was that it got me to remember how much I like driving long distances. I'm going to need to try to make sure I take the occasional long trip, either with someone or by myself.

Some thoughts during the trip (expressed out loud (or "allowed"), since that seems to be my most authentic mode of thought, which is a definite point in favor of trying to get someone to come with me on these hypothetical road trips) about how I really need to do a lot of the driving on a trip in order to feel good about myself, since my dad always did all or almost all of the driving on long trips. I also noticed that my sister drove when she and her husband were in the car. I wonder if she typically drives, and if she picked up some of the same stuff from my dad that I did.

I'm too blah right now to develop the above paragraph. And too blah to do more than give a skim of the LJ entries that I missed. I did skim each one, but I didn't read each one, and I read almost no comments. Blah. Several factors contributing to me being blah right now. Things didn't work out well with the bird reacquisition, some attempted annualgiftexchange shopping resulted in failure, and other stuff. It's a damned good thing I don't have to put too much effort into dinner tonight. Hmm, last time, my character wasn't doing anything. Maybe this means I can not do anything for a while during the game tonight, giving me a chance to relax or something. So, yeah, something like 30 hours of driving (well, there was 5 hours that I didn't do) since Friday, and I get to stay up late tonight and then go to work in the morning. Where, of course, there's finally real work, right when I'm gone for two days, and they're asking us to work weekends (screw that) and my supervisor admitted that we weren't going to meet even the extended deadline, even assuming they get the technical stuff all worked out, which it still looks like there are a few minor bugs, at least when I left on Thursday. There's talk of hiring more people to work on this, but the only thing they could be brought up to speed on quickly enough is the proofreading, which is really the only fun part of the job, so that could get taken away from me, which would suck. At least it looks like the extended deadline is a hard one, so this stuff should be done then no matter what, and then I can move onto my next contract, which should be less fucked up.
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