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Dark - Queue — LiveJournal
December 15th, 2002
07:27 am


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Sometime during the night, I woke up, thinknig about what time it was, thinking about when I needed to get up. It wasn't even starting to get light, yet, and, of course, the sun rises earlier out here, so no worries. I woke up again and decided to check the time. Still completely dark, and it's just after 7.

Oh yeah.

Being on the extreme western edge of the time zone in which I spend most of my time on the extreme eastern edge, the sun is going to rise a lot later here.

It's been more than nine years since I've lived here, ten years since I've lived through winter here. I had forgotten how late it stays dark on winter mornings, going to school while it's still comlpetely dark. It somehow felt wrong that it was never that dark in the mornings in Massachusetts. Now I know why it felt so wrong. I think I prefer the earlier sunrises, though. It just doesn't feel like ti's time to get up and get going if the sun isn't up. I feel like I'm getting up at 5 or something.

I stayed up a bit later than I had intended, reading Book 8. I will finish it on this trip, probably tomorrow in the car, or in the hotel room. I'm glad I brought Book 9 (the only book in the series without a horse on the cover). I also brought the latest Jonathan Kellerman paperback, in case I want a change of pace.

Such a short trip. Arrived at my mom's at 16:00 yesterday. Going to be departing by 15:00 today. Less than 24 hours. I know my grandparents will appreciate seeing me there, though, so that's good. And getting out on the road is nice, especially since I got to play some more X-Jotto. But getting home will be really nice

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