Queue (queue) wrote,

The Land of Pop

So here I am, drinking a pop in my mom's house in Indiana. Spent the night in Dunkirk, NY, last night, a bit more than half way. I got a gift from my mother: a Homer Simpson Burger King talking watch. Mmmm, burgers.

Tomorrow morning we leave my dad's house at around 9:30 to go to Fort Wayne for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. We can probably leave there around 3. We should be able to get back to Dunkirk tomorrow night, or maybe even a smidge farther. Then there should be plenty of time at home before we (read: I) have to start making dinner for role playing at our house. Maybe I'll take the lazy way out and just make a London broil. It's just so darned easy.

Time to check my email
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