Queue (queue) wrote,

Story reading

Story reading went really well last night. There were seven people there the whole time, with a somewhat shorter appearance by an eigth person. Six people read stories, some more than one. Besides short stories, there were also a couple of food essays read. I had heard about these food essays, but the idea just never excited me. Having had a couple of them read to me, though, I am more interested in reading them.

I am definitely going to do this again. Let's see how January shapes up.

Some possible other things that could be read: Choose-Your-Own Advanture books (with audience participation, of course), poetry. Maybe I should come up with another name for the event, to highlight the fact that other things can be read. Maybe just "Reading Night" or something. Or just leave the name and let people know that it's okay to bring other things to read.

Maybe a separate night just for reading Choose-Your-Own Adventure books would be fun, but that might get tiresome for a whole evening. Speaking of hosting interesting things, I'd had thoughts of hosting a Simpsons night. Have episodes playing all night, and, as the main event, have scripts for some of the episodes around and have people act them out, or at least read them.

Hitting the road sometime this morning. I'm not all that excited to be going. I would much rather just take the two days off of work and sit around here. Oh well.
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