Queue (queue) wrote,

And in more military news


I worked on part of this project at Raytheon when I first moved here in 1998. I hated it and had to quit after six months. Raytheon was responsible for the radar for this thing. I think the radar has done well in all of the tests. Not that I actually did any work on it, since the project was really poorly managed. Hey, wait, that's kind of like my current project. Well, actually, most of the problems here are technical, but they really could have been a bit more on the ball as far as figuring out process and such, I think.

I atteneded some training in Ada and in some different software packages while employed at Raytheon. Thinking that I could do a better job than those trainers is what led me to thinking about teaching math, which is what led me to editing. I wonder what would have happened if I had gotten a computer job some place that wasn't alarge defense contractor. Well, I'd probably be struggling to find employment now.
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