Queue (queue) wrote,

Harry Potter

Saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets yesterday. It was fun, and think I enjoyed it as much as the first movie. Seeing it on the big screen was neat, especially with the snake and spider scenes. I was told that I should stay until the end of the credits, which I did. Many credits later, we were rewarded with a cute little scene.

I had Wendy's for lunch, Burger King for dinner, and now Burger King for breakfast this morning. I really do need to start eating better, which means spending some time cooking at home and bringing stuff in. It's hard, though, because I'm just so lazy. I should make up a big batch of some sort of barley salad like magid makes. And maybe some refried beans or something. Stuff that I can easily mush into a container and bring to work. I guess I'll do this after I get back from Indiana this weekend, since I don't really have time before.
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