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I was visiting my old grade school. I was in a classroom, helping out or something. I got sent to the library to get some sort of DVD things. The library was being redone, lots of marble everywhere. The librarian was there, I had a piece of paper in my hand that told the things I needed. She started to say something like, "If that's a map of the library", and then I set it down in front of her, not saying anything. She saw what it was and stopped talking about a library map. I said something that let her know that I used to go to school there, trying to convey the information without just coming right out and saying "I used to go to school here." She had been around then, but I think I didn't remember her. It was a weird kind of disonance, where I knew that she had worked there when I was going to school there on one level, but on another level I had never seen her before in my life. I asked if she were the head librarian now, but she said she wasn't. Somehow, that just wasn't the kind of thing she was interested in. She said she owned her own house now. I had thoughts of telling her about the house that I owned, but that somehow didn't seem appropriate.

Another dream, or maybe just a shifting of the previous one. I was someplace where there was at least one small parrot, about the size of my birds. It was a normal bird. I have the feeling that there was someone else there, someone in a position of authority. Then four new birds showed up. Same size as the normal bird, but these were evil birds, and they were some sort of regenerative mutants. I took a plastic knife and cut one of the birds in half, but it didn't seem to have any effect. I went to get the authority figure, to tell him about the evil mutant birds. I think to show him what I meant, I stabbed each one of them in the head with the knife, just one slash right into them, and it didn't affect them. I then began actually cutting the heads of the birds with the plastic knife, cutting at least twice, right through, cutting chunks off. I did that for each of the four birds. [Why four?] They didn't make a sound through it all, and they just sat there letting me do it. I knew that they would somehow regenerate, though, and I had a general uneasiness about it.

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