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Hypoallergenic Cat - Queue — LiveJournal
December 9th, 2002
02:45 pm


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Hypoallergenic Cat
Someone recently metioned that there might exist cats that don't agitate allergies of people who are allergic to cats. Can anyone point me to information on this?

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Date:December 9th, 2002 11:58 am (UTC)
Eh, I've heard that the Rex cats don't irritate allergies, but this is because they're essentially hairless. I don't think they're particularily attractive, myself. I love fuzzy furry cats. :)
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Date:December 9th, 2002 12:15 pm (UTC)

I feel silly now

Hypoallergenic Cat . . . heh . . . *chortle* Can't . . . resist . . . *raises hand* Heh heh heh. Someone had to say it.
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Date:December 9th, 2002 12:23 pm (UTC)

Someone may have had to say it....

But I'm so glad it wasn't me...
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Date:December 9th, 2002 04:33 pm (UTC)
i find myself still allergic to the hypoallergenic cats that friends with cat allergies have. however, one of my friends has a non-hypoallergenic cat with whom i spent a night on a futon sniffle-free. I Want Their Cat. the meanies won't share.
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Date:December 9th, 2002 05:06 pm (UTC)
You could just get a Bonsai Kitten and keep the stopper on while you're home.
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Date:December 9th, 2002 08:18 pm (UTC)

It's been a while since I've visted the Bonsai Kitten site. No I don't need to visit it again, but I appreciated the laugh that the memory of my first encounter brought. Thank you.

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