Queue (queue) wrote,



I know it was an innocent remark,
a tossaway, flippant answer
to my pestering questioning.
"Why do they call it Naugahyde, Mommy?"
"It's where the naugas hide. Now go and play."
To this day I shiver when I sit on that couch.
Yes, I can sit on it now, after all these years.
Yes, it's still there, in my mother's house.
It tormented me throughout my childhood.
I was terrified that the naugas would
decide to come out of hiding and take me away,
take my mommy away.
Did they take daddy away?
I never had the courage to ask my mother
if the naugas had taken my father away.
Sometimes I think that would be
easier than the truth.
Don't you love me, Daddy?

Okay, so this is kind of cheating, since this is a poem I wrote about four months ago. I wrote it for a friend of magid, who wanted to see what popped out fo my head with the word "Naugahyde" as a prompt. This was shortly after ArtBeat, when I was trying to encourage people to give me words or ideas as poetry writing prompts. So, anyway, that's the poem for today. Not really being creative, but at least I don't have to feel bad about not putting anything up today. And, of course, it's something for dictionary_wotd. And I know that there are people who read that, since I saw someone put a comment on yesterday's word, palindrome. They posted a neat palindrome.
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