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Productivity - Queue — LiveJournal
December 8th, 2002
04:57 pm


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I was going to be productive today.

I did a little cleaning in the kitchen this morning. After making and eating a late breakfast, I did a little straightening in the basement. I'd had thoughts of doing some more cleaning, then maybe some other productive stuff. Instead, I read for a bit, then started watching The Jungle Book (the newer, live-action one) on TV, then read some more, then slept. I just got up out of bed a bit ago, and it feels so anti-productive to wake up when it's mostly dark out. Bah. Not really motivated to do a whole lot, and it's really hard for me to be very productive in the evening. I think I can try to muster enough energy to put another load of dishes away, but we'll see. Some time, I'm going to have to clean my room. And I really need to do some Christmas shopping before leaving for Indiana on Friday. Bah.

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