Queue (queue) wrote,


I went down to check out the employee craft fair, where cthulhia has her pysanky. It was my first look at varnished pysanky, and it looks really, really nice. When I got back to my cube, I saw two little things on my chair. They appear to be lapel pins (is that waht they're called?). Something like 3/4" x 1 1/4" pieces of metal with a pin in the back. They say "McDougal Littell", and they have some of the program art for the middle school program. We got a nice sticky-note pad with one of these designs on it a while ago. I've found it useful for doing X-Jotto figurings. i heard that we're going to be getting polo shirts soon. I wonder if they'll have the program art on them, or if they'll just have the company name.
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