Queue (queue) wrote,

Work update

Just heard from the electronic production guy. Chapter 2 (the co-worker's chapter) is ready to go. Chapter 1 (my chapter) still needs work. He is going to spend all day today on Chapter 1, so the files should be ready "by the end of the day." Which, of course, means "after I've gone home for the day", I'm sure. So I guess I should go hunt down some more work today. Or maybe screw around until I talk to my boss, who usually doesn't get in until 10:30 or so. She might want me to help the co-worker with Chapter 2, but that might be hard to coordinate. Also, it would mean I would feel compelled to fix all of the co-worker's mistakes, and that would be frustrating and tedious, so I think I might not suggest that. So, yeah, I guess I'll go hunt down work from the sub-boss and then just go visit the boss when she gets in to give her an update on what I heard.
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