Queue (queue) wrote,

Work shmerk

I literally have nothing to do just now. After being out sick yesterday, I get in today to find a voice mail from the electronic production guy asking what changes I've made in the files, since I apparently have been making them in the wrong place. So, I sit here, not doing anything, lest I do the wrong thing, since, of course, I couldn't be told what the right place is or anything useful like that.

My key ring is dwindling. This morning, I took off the trunk key to a car that died at least two years ago. I took the key to the Saturn off yesterday. I took the key to the Dodge off a while ago. I took someone else's car and house keys off a while ago. My key ring contains my two house keys, my bike lock key, two keys to my locked filing cabinet at work, my mom's house key (is it to the old house or the new house? I forget), and two padlock keys from various moves (I'm not sure if we have the padlocks anywhere, but I would imagine we do). That's a little more than half the number of keys I had on my key ring a month ago, and some of the keys I took off were pretty bulky, so I have a very small key ring now.
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