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Where are Queue's bajillion posts?

I stayed up late reading last night, so I was completely zonked this morning. I decided to call in at work. Since I have no benefits, I have to make up the time, so I feel not at all bad about taking the time now and making it up when there's real work to do.

Slept until about 9:45, which was good. Decided to take care of the car today. Go to clean it out . . . and the plates are gone. Quick check with hrafn to make sure she didn't take them off for some reason. So, I went to the police station, conviently located a block away, and filled out a report, which I have to take to the RMV to get new plates. Then had the car towed to the Saturn delership. (This would be the Saturn, not the new car.) My mom wants the Saturn back (she originally gave it to me a little more than 3 years ago), since her current car sucks in the winter. So, they're going to fix the alternator, and then do a checklist inspection thing to see what else needs done, and then they're going to let her know, and she'll decide what she wants fixed.

I'm glad she's (porbably) going to take it, since two donation places have turned it down, and I certainly don't want to deal with the Kidney Car people. So, anyway, yeah. I'm really glad I ended up getting that all taken care of today, since it was about 4 hours. Having to do that tomorrow after work as originally planned would have realy been a very large pain. This was only a minor pain, as pains go, plus I got more experience riding the bus, including using a transfer for the first time. Oooooooo!
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