Queue (queue) wrote,

Random dream

So I was looking for my journal that I kept on my trip to France in high school, so that I could put up some of my poetry from then. I still can't find it, even though I recently found it several months ago. Anyway, I did find some random bits of paper that have a dream written down on it. Doesn't have a date, but it must have been since July, since that's how long we've been here. Here it is:

Sort of like a video game but real life.

You go into this house, it's different than normal places, and it's kind of a secret. If you go in one door, an elephant statue gives you a crown w/ some power/ability, and if you go in that door a 2nd time, the elephant statue gives you a gem for that crown which gives an additional power/ability. There is a 2nd door you can go into in this house, it is sort of non-obvious. It has associations with a woman, a mystical/mysterious woman, but there is no one there apparent. There is a sort of fire thing w/ some runes, and it tells you things you must say/do. And they are not really apaprently important, but when you do them, things happen to you and the world, things that are extremely earth-shatteringly important, but their importance is not necessarily obvious. I was in there and I couldn't come out until I had done everything. The initial stuff is fairly easy but time consuming, and time passes quickly on the outside when you are on the inside. You can see into the outside, but they can't see in, and the only influence you can have is as a voice through some inanimate objects that some people can hear. I had helpers, a man that kept coming in, telling me I had to hurry, he was always wearing different stuff (the time slowness). There was also a low class girl. She had just seen this man who wears a hawk mask, but the hawk mask is actually his true face, and he wears a mask of flesh, human, that is the only thing people can see.

The girl, woman, blonde, can't actually see the hawk mask, but she senses that this is the answer to the final clue, and that this is bad. She wants to get back to me to tell me. My final clue is: Give all to life, and life will give all to you. I am supposed to get this man in here and give him to the five. This man is killing scummy street people, bikers, homeless people, and he is pure evil.
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