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November 29th, 2002
09:05 am


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Beef jerky
A discussion about beef jerky last week made me want to make some. hrafn made some once when we lived in Texas, but I've never made it. I looked up some recipes to get the general idea. Then I cut up the meat (sandwich steaks, nice and thin) and made the marinade. Tomorrow, I'll dry it in the oven, probably for something like 5-8 hours.

I made stuffing and deviled eggs yesterday, and I didn't eat either one. I got compliments on the stuffing and the eggs, especially the spicy eggs. I'm going back over to my sister's at some point today, so I'll be able to eat some leftover stuffing and eggs, most likely.

Three more recipes for the Compendium. I guess this month won't be so bad after all. And maybe I'll look into that variable Jotto. Of course, having easier dictionaries for lengths other than 5 might be good. Lot of work, though. I think I'll make the game first, then, if it's playable, I can work on the dictionaries.

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