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I was in an office, working. A woman was there. I think I had the feeling that she was someone I used to date, but I could be getting that confused with another dream. Anyway, not a specific person that I know in real life, but just some dream woman. So, I notice that this woman is smoking a cigarette. I ask her to stop, explaining that I'm really sensitive to cigarette smoke. She agrees, and then moves to another location and continues smoking, possibly thinking I won't notice. I notice, and this time I get more forceful, telling her that there's no smoking allowed in the office. I think I attempt to take the cigarette from her, but I fail. I go to the security desk for the office and tell them. It gets fuzzier from here. I think she gets in trouble, or something.

I remembered the dream when someone lit up in front of me this morning on the stairs leading out of the Chinatown T stop. I got a nice lungful of smoke. I didn't think it was worth it, though, to point out to this person that they should wait until they get outside to light up.

Speaking of Chinatown, I need to remember to drop the plates for the Dodge off at the registry this afternoon. I imagine it should not be too crowded around 3 today. Oh, and, talking to my mom last night, who is in town for Thanksgiving, staying with my sister, I found out that she might be interested in having the Saturn. So, spending the money to fix it up out here, then flying out some time and driving it back. Fine with me, I guess, although that probably means I'll have to get it fixed up. Yeah, I'm sure she'll pay to get it fixed, but it'll be a hassle. Oh well, she's supposed to let me know sometime soon, I hope before the car donation people call.

I also found out that my mom might be getting a job in Maryland. She's got a lot of options right now, and she doesn't know what to do. She got her acceptance letter from Illinois State on Monday, she's working on finishing up the application process with Notre Dame, there are a lot of interesting things going on at the charity she is the executive director for, and now this possible job in Maryland.

I'm meeting my mom after work today, and then we're heading over to my sister's to hang out once my sister and her husband get home from work. It should be an okay evening. Maybe we'll get to play Euchre or something. Right now, though, I just want to curl up and read my book, not getting out of bed all day, except to take a nice hot bath.

I feel a little envious that theora is able to go home to her parents' house and just not worry about things for several days. Not only are my parents' houses too far away to do that, I really don't have the desire to, and I guess that feels a little sad. And, of course, the house that I did most of my growing up in is not owned by my family. Holidays were mostly at my grandparents' anyway, but I also don't feel close to any of them, which I guess is a little sad as well. I feel like I had a more coherent thought, but it's slipping away. Away away away away.

I suppose I should actually do some work.

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