Queue (queue) wrote,

The final chapter???

So, I'm sitting at home, assured that the car will be here between 6 and 7 tonight. I get a call. At 7. From Greg the slaesfuckup. He can't get someone else to go with, so can I give him a ride back. Fine, whatever. He's supposedly leaving right then, so it looks like the car will actually be here in something like 20 minutes.

I am really, really tempted to take the car and drive off without him when he gets here. It would be so easy to do, and it would please the gods of revenge to no end. But I'm really a nice guy. So I'll give him a ride. Unless he tries to talk to me. I've actually got it planned out. He'll talk some shit to me, then I'll tell him to not talk to me. Then he'll try to talk some more shit, and I'll warn him again. Then he'll talk more shit, and I'll pull over the car and make him get the fuck out.

Ah, that felt good. Of course, using up some of this adrenalin would be good. Not too much built up, but some. Maybe a punching bag would be good.
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