Queue (queue) wrote,

Some goodish news

  • Benfits are normally given only for contracts that are 6 months or longer. However, my time on the current contract counts towards that 6 months. So, even if the contract is only until the end of June, I'd get benefits. Benefits would start at the end of my current contract (end of January). One less thing to worry about. they also said that they could do the extension until the end of July, so that's more time of guaranteed employment, which, right now, is a nice thing. Going down to just one income, I'm not sure how safe I'd feel trying to break out into freelance stuff, what with the mortgage in all. If I want to keep the house, I should probably find a roommate, once hrafn's school stuff gets figured out. I really would rather not have some random stranger as a roommate. Bah.
  • Supposedly the car is being delivered tonight. I'm going to be home so that it can be delivered between 6 and 7. That would still give me time to go out tonight if I feel like it, but we'll have to see. I don't really want to make plans to ocunt on it until I actually have the keys in my hand.

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